Plasterboard & Studwork

Studwork and Plasterboard are commonly used in modern properties to separate living spaces or in order to create the interior walls and ceilings for extensions and loft conversions. We have also installed studwork and plasterboard to cover exterior walls or improve insulation.

Plasterboard and stud partition installation

Studwork for Partition Walls

As part of property refurbishments partition walls are often use for modifications and alterations to the layout of a property. We have worked on many a property that is being adapted to suit the modern living requirements of its owners. Stud walls are a great way to separate living spaces or add features such as en suite bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes, laundry/ utility rooms or perhaps concealed storage space. We can work to your design to build the stud walls for these new spaces.

Plasterboard and stud-work installations

Studwork for Home Extensions

As part of any property extension the interior walls are usually timber or metal framed stud walls filled with insulation and covered in plasterboard, making it easy to create separate interior living spaces with doorways.

We most commonly fit stud walls for the addition of extra toilets, en suite bathrooms /showers, utility rooms or home offices. Once the studwork frame is installed and one side is the covered with plasterboard, an insulation layer can be added before enclosing the other side with plasterboard. One of our skilled plasterers can then skim the stud wall surfaces to create the final high-quality finish.

Plasterboard and stud-work installations

Studwork for Loft Conversions

If you are extending into the loft, you will need the interior stud walls and ceilings to be fitted with insulation and plaster board to keep the space warm and create a high-quality smooth finish for the surfaces. Invariably this kind of project will involve the addition of an en suite bath or shower room and perhaps some integrated storage. During our years of experience in the building industry, we have worked with many building contractors and loft conversion specialists to build the studwork, fit the plasterboard and skim the surfaces of the wall and ceilings. As always, we maintain our own high standards, providing quality studwork, boarding and plaster finishes for their client’s projects.

Plastering home extensions

Studwork Outbuildings & Garage Conversions

In recent years many of our clients have decided to make an alternative use of their garage or outbuildings on their property by converting them into additional living spaces such as play or games rooms, music and art studios or an alternative space for entertaining. In some cases, they have been converted into an annex or an additional guest bedroom. With the increase of home-based workers, flexible working arrangements and small businesses we regularly fit studwork and plasterboard so the spaces can be converted into home offices, creative studios or workshops.

Whatever your intensions for converting these spaces, fitting studwork and plasterboard will completely transform what might have been otherwise stark, cold and dingy spaces into a stunning, warm addition to your home that can add great value to your property.

Painting the finished surfaces

As a comprehensive interior plastering and decorating service, we have a team of skilled decorators who can paint and wallpaper your walls, ceilings, coving, architraves, skirting, doors and frames. Find out more here ***

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