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Venetian Plastering / Polished Concrete

Polished concrete walls and flooring is sometimes known as Venetian marble, Venetian plaster or polished plaster – owing to the stunning effects that can be achieved by this versatile surfacing technique.

Polished concrete is concrete which has been treated with a chemical densifier and ground to create a smooth polished surface. We can also combine it with stains and dyes to enhance the finish and create a unique finish to the polished concrete surface.

The use of concrete was initial established in industrial construction, where this robust material was used to create large areas of polished concrete flooring for buildings such as warehouses, retail units and industrial plants. It was chosen because it is strong, easy to maintain, and having been painted, could easily be matched to the surroundings of the interior or exterior spaces.

The use of polished concrete in residential properties, once frowned upon in certain circles, has expanded inordinately with the desire for modern open-plan living spaces and the increase in diversity of building design. As a result, this strong, modern and extremely practical material is now used to both construct buildings and to create stunning, high-end looking interior and exterior surface finishes and bespoke features.

Where can polished concrete be used?

Nowadays you will find polished concrete used in many modern constructions, including the amazing homes featured on the BBC’s Grand Designs, where architects and designers have used polished concrete to enhance unique open plan spaces. Polished concrete is ideal for large unbroken expanses of surface requiring coverage, as it allows a simple, uniform finish with clean lines. This makes it an ideal material for interior and exterior floors and walls, worktops, wet rooms, pools, saunas and even furniture. Polished concrete is also waterproof, so it is frequently used to create unique surface finishes for kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms as well as for exterior spaces such as garden features and buildings. Because of the flexibility and diversity of usage options, polished concrete has become a modern alternative to tiled, hard wood, ceramic and laminate surfaces.

Polished concrete can be placed on any surface layer, without the need to lift the pre-existing surface, which makes it a great material for renovation projects, allowing works to be quicker, easier and more cost effective to complete.

Benefits of Polished Concrete Walls & Ceilings:

  • Design

    It can create a high-end look with bespoke features and finishes

  • Clean lines

    It allows for seamless joins in the surfaces

  • Extremely durable & strong

    Concrete once sealed creates a hard wearing surface

  • Easy to clean and maintain

    Because it is so robust there is little, if any maintenance required.

  • Water / Stain Resistance

    Repels water, oil and other substances.

  • Reflection & Light:

    The polished concrete surface reflects light, so can be helpful in making a space feel light and airy.

  • Non-Slip

    Although polished, the surface does not become slippery

  • Fire retardant

    Concrete is not a flammable material

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