Skimming Walls & Ceilings

Skimming is as it suggests, a top layer of plaster which ‘skims’ over the surfaces to create smooth, crisp edges where otherwise there might have been an uneven and unsightly surface.

What is the difference between plastering and skimming?

Skimming walls and ceilings is not usually as big a task as plastering them, as it is a process of restoring the top surface, whereas plastering requires the building up the surface up from bare brickwork or breeze blocks. Therefore, skimming is often referred to as the ‘topcoat’ of plastering, as it is the fine layer which creates the smooth finish and crisp edges.

As it is the visible layer of the surface it does require the skills of a skilled and experienced plasterer to render the crisp, level and smooth surfaces which cover-up any minor blemishes and create the and clean lines between joins and edges.

Plastering and skimming walls

Restoring Wall & Ceiling Surfaces

Wanting to decorate, but the walls or ceilings are showing signs of wear and tear, knocks, cracks, drill holes or the various damaging effects of removing fittings, tiles, Artex or wallpaper?

It is common in a property of a certain age to have this kind of minor damage in the surfaces of walls and ceilings. Whilst filling and rubbing down can deal with the odd blemish, when the damage has gone so far it needs the skill of a professional plasterer. At GPL Plasterers, this is something that we have extensive experience in and can usually put right the damage to the surface and restore the line of a wall or ceiling by skimming the surface.

Our skilled plasterers use skimming techniques to fill and smooth the surfaces, cover a multitude of unsightly damage and blemishes, returning your walls and ceilings to their former glory, creating a smooth surface with crisp clean lines ready for decorating.

Plasterboard and stud-work installations

Skimming Plasterboard Surfaces

One of the main uses of skimming is to create a smooth finish over plasterboard wall installations and ceilings, which are often fitted as part of home modifications and extensions. Skimming is also used on stud wall installations which are used to create separate living spaces or as part of fitting-out a loft conversion.

Plasterboard and studwork installation is another of the services we offer as part of our plaster works. You might find it useful to speak to use before making any decisions on stud wall and ceiling installations, as we can provide a completely seamless service.

Once the studwork and plasterboard is in place, skimming is used to create the final smooth surface, concealing the joins between the boards, cut-outs and frames.

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